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September 7, 2022
Chanceloor Mnookin talks with student staff at Four Lakes Market
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Scenes from Move-in

Last week, we happily welcomed more than 8,000 new and returning students to the residence halls. Check out scenes from the week, including a visit from Chancellor Mnookin!
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Prices to Change for Staff Meals at Dining Markets

Effective today, September 7, the cost of a staff meal at a dining market using a Wiscard will be increasing to $6.99, plus tax.The current $4.99 price is at a level considered a taxable benefit, which staff could have to account for and declare for tax purposes. The new rate continues to be lower than the price offered to the general public and is the lowest price we can offer to keep this benefit free from income tax.
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Flu Shots Available on Campus

Starting September 13, University Health Services (UHS) will be hosting flu shot clinics at no cost through December 8. Appointments are encouraged but not required. Everyone should be vaccinated annually to protect each of us in addition to limiting the spread of influenza.
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Welcome, New Housing Employees!

Join us in welcoming several new employees in departments across the division!

Housing Speaker Series – Derek Kindle

Join Housing staff in attending the last speaker event! This series, open to all career staff, will provide the opportunity for Housing staff to gain better knowledge from selected leadership and the broader campus community on the most salient issues that they are dealing with.
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Help Out in a Dining Market

Career staff continue to be able to sign up for shifts in the dining markets during the academic year for overtime and additional pay opportunities. This is a great way to learn about what our colleagues in Dining & Culinary services do while earning some extra money.
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